shijan_joseShihan Jose Cotton began his martial arts training directly under Soshu Shigeru Oyama at World Oyama Headquarters in 1986. He holds World Championship titles in Heavy Weight and Open Division Full Contact karate. He was an original member of the Oyama Karate Full Contact Team and defeated opponents in tournaments in the United States, Europe, Canada and Japan. He went on to serve as head coach for the Oyama Karate Full Contact Team and taught both regular and fighting classes at World Oyama Headquarters for many years. During that time, he trained and coached a number of knock down champions.

After the closing of World Oyama Headquarters in 2004, he joined World Kanreikai Karate and formed the Regional Headquarters here in Manhattan. He currently holds the rank of sixth dan and is the Kanreikai Branch Chief for the New York area. Shihan Jose remains an active practitioner and an inspiring teacher, and his classes at New York City Kanreikai are both challenging and rewarding.