Unlike many karate schools, which primarily teach children, Kanreikai Karate NYC focuses on classes for teens and adults. Our classes are designed to help our students achieve their goals — whether fitness, self-defense skills, or tournament competition —  in the context of their busy lives.

Students at Kanreikai NYC Dojo learn traditional karate basics to help them develop strength, flexibility, and good body mechanics. They are then taught to apply these principles to effective, fluid fighting techniques; in two person drills, often using striking pads, they practice applying skills learned through karate basics to realistic fighting combinations. This connection between tradition and practical functionality is a signature of our teaching style. And through controlled free sparring, students develop confidence and make these skills their own.lily and arianna

Our instructors have many years of experience as practitioners, competitors, coaches and teachers of karate. They bring a combination of a strong grounding in tradition and innovative approaches to their teaching. We offer personalized instruction, a supportive yet challenging environment, affordable monthly fees, and a convenient location.SHIHAN DAVID SHEEGER AND SHIHAN JOSE COTTON